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Currently our main attention is on producing awareness-raising films and related materials on mission critical environmental issues, e.g., Tiger conservation, Cetacean conservation Climate change etc. We also have respective planning and efforts for screening, broadcasting and distribution of our produced materials in collaboration with local media/authorities and international concerned bodies.

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3000 Miles To Go- the nationwide journey on climate change

"3000 miles to go" is a nationwide massive Campaign to raise understanding and awareness on climate change among the mass audience of Bangladesh. To do so the campaign is travelling more than 3000 Miles to reach all the 64 districts of Bangladesh to talk about the change.

Using a series of short films on climate change, produced by the British Council and Wildeye on different aspect of climate; and using high-end communication technology to connect east and west 'Live', this campaign is confident to build better understanding of 'what is climate change' among the mass people of Bangladesh.

Saving our Shushuk

Until now we have directly reached out to around half a millions people through our screening of the 24-minute film titled Shushuk, Our Rivers and Mankind. Television broadcast of the film reached out to millions of viewers.

Starting from the premiere at Dhaka’s ‘Shushuk Mela’ in October 2008 to the April 2009 show in Feni, Narayangange, Chittagong, Rangamati, Bandarban, Barishal, Chandpur, Thakurgaon, along with screenings at international film shows; students, young scientists, local body members and residents near the venues were brought under the awareness-raising drive.










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