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living in clouds
by Tshering Sherpa

Climate change is affecting the Himalayan nation of Nepal immensely and the glacial melt is identified as one of the major impacts. Tshering Sherpa takes us to his beautiful community by the Imza Lake. He tell the story of a life that is lived under the constant threat of the lake bursting any day and overflowing into his home.

an omenliving in cloudsan uncharted landscapwater waterclimate confusion

sunday monday carbondaywoter worldsmall thingsspreading colourbe smart- act first

Number of films: 10 (Ten), Run Time: 35+ Minutes, Formate: DV PAL Widescreen, Series Producer: Tanjilur Rahman, Production: British Council/Wild Eye, 2011

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copyright Wild Eye 2009 photoright Rubaiyat Mansur Mowgli & Elisabeth Fahrni Mansur, Ingrid Kvale, Crhistina Greenwood & Adam Barlow, Tanjilur Rahman