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We have provided our technical and operational efforts (Cooperation and organising efforts required in Bangladesh region) to a number of internationally reputed wildlife productions/broadcasters. To name a few, Planet Earth (BBC); Water, People and the Yellow Cans (Lotus Film, Austria); Ganges (BBC); Man-Eating Tigers of the Sundarbans (BBC); Swarm Chasher (Oxford Sceintific Film Company for Animal Planet); Tough Guy of Chicken (BBC); Tropic of Cancer (BBC), etc..

We have a dedicated pool of professionals from different arenas of film making. They comprise of Cameraman, Camera Assistant, Sound Recordist, Sound Engineer, Script Writer, Editor, Fixer, Production Manager, Set Artist, Translator, Musician, Scientist, conservationist, and more (see profile).

WildEye is relatively a young organisation; nevertheless the people behind the screen have distinguished skill and a history of long serving career in this esteemed field of wildlife filmmaking industry.










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