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Currently our main attention is on producing awareness-raising films and related materials on mission critical environmental issues, e.g., Tiger conservation, Cetacean conservation Climate change etc. We also have respective planning and efforts for screening, broadcasting and distribution of our produced materials in collaboration with local media/authorities and concerned international bodies.

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From the Himalaya to the Bay of Bengal (2011) is a series of short films about climate change and its impact on the people of Bangladesh and Nepal. Captured and narrated by 10 young climate champions with the support of British Council and Wild Eye, it is a collection of stories that raises crucial questions about what is happening around us and urges the next generation to wake up and protect their future.

Exploring Our Waters (2009), is a 10-minute introductory film on the incredible cetacean diversity of Bangladesh, featuring cetacean scientist Rubaiyat Mansur Mowgli and his study in the Swatch of No-ground, Bay of Bengal

Shushuk, Our Rivers and Mankind (2008) is a 24-minute Bangla (English dubbed and subtitled) film about Ganges River Dolphin or Shushuk and its habitat, the Rivers, funded by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Bangladesh Cetacean Diversity Project (BCDP).

Sundarbans and it’s Tigers
This film will give an overview of Sundabans and itís unique collection of flora and fauna and itís importance for our survival. The film will feature Sundarbans Tiger Project and Tiger biologist Adam Barlow and his study in the Bangladesh part of the Sundarbans.








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