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Since the start of our journey, in last eight years we have kept on at one thing, filming. Be it in the forest or on the Sea, in the Delta or on the High Himalaya, we have kept filming for our films and to collect stock footage for our archive. This is probably the largest and most diverse audiovisual online archive on Bangladesh, specially, on the Sundarbans and on the Cetaceans of Bangladesh. Happy Browsing.


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butterfly & moth farming
boat on river bryd's whale
pond heron fishing in river
fishing boats going to the forest fishing in the forest
bottlenose dolphin sadarghat terminal

Creating and maintaining such a huge audiovisual archive is expensive and requires a lot of effort. It is a slow process and hope to have the full archive online by mid 2012. So keep visiting often to check out the additions. We also welcome you to ask for full-resolution footage for non-profit conservation effort.









copyright Wild Eye 2009 photoright Rubaiyat Mansur Mowgli & Elisabeth Fahrni Mansur, Ingrid Kvale, Crhistina Greenwood & Adam Barlow, Tanjilur Rahman