Wild Eye   conservation through imagery

Cameraman Chriss Openshaw in a village next to the Sundarbans









Welcome to the wilderness

Among other awareness-raising tools; film/image is certainly a powerful medium considering the challenges of a socio-cultural setting like Bangladesh. In a country where majority of the people are institutionally illiterate, nature conservation is still an idea shrouded by poverty.

Wild Eye is an organised effort to build basic understanding amongst the mass people using this most effective tool, image and sometimes more precisely, film.

Till now, we have successfully produced a series of films/documentaries and educational outreach programmes with the envisioned target. At the same time we have built the biggest and probably the most diverse audiovisual archive of the Sundarbans and Cetaceans of Bangladesh.

We are always open about collaborating and providing professional assistance to people/organizations with similar views. Our dedicated line of technical & pruction crews are always on the move to make things happen all the time.








copyright Wild Eye 2009 photoright Rubaiyat Mansur Mowgli & Elisabeth Fahrni Mansur, Ingrid Kvale, Crhistina Greenwood & Adam Barlow, Tanjilur Rahman